The RDFox Advanced Semantic Reasoning Workshop & SPARQL Introduction | Datalog Rules, OWL Ontologies

Jun 7, 2023 1:00 PM
2 hours each

This Advanced Reasoning Workshop will be split into two sessions:

·       An Introduction to SPARQL (optional)

·       Advanced Reasoning with RDFox

This workshop is primarily centred around semantic reasoning and its more advanced techniques and uses, however, some knowledge of SPARQL is required to follow along. We encourage those unfamiliar with SPARQL to attend the earlier SPARQL Introduction Class as this will provide you with a sufficient understanding to progress to the reasoning section.

In both sessions you’ll have the opportunity to get hands-on with RDFox, writing your own rules and queries to develop your understanding of both reasoning and SPARQL. You'll learn about the application and use of knowledge graphs and reasoners with this holistic semantic technology education.

If you are already familiar with SPARQL you’re welcome to join the earlier session for a refresher, or simply join as we begin the reasoning section.

The program for the workshop is as follows:

13:00pm UTC

An Introduction to SPARQL (2 hours)

·       Setting up the RDFox web console

·       Importing data to RDFox

·       Query writing tips and tricks

·       Exercises throughout

15:00pm UTC

Persons comfortable with SPARQL join

Advanced Reasoning with RDFox (2 hours)

·       RDFox as a reasoning engine

·       OWL 2 RL ontologies

·       Datalog rules

·       Using semantic inference to enhance your data

·       Advanced reasoning techniques and uses

·       Exercises throughout


·       A Free RDFox Licence‍

·       RDFox downloaded

·       (optional) Your favourite IDE - we'll be using Visual Studio Code

Sign up as places are limited.

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The RDFox Advanced Semantic Reasoning Workshop & SPARQL Introduction | Datalog Rules, OWL Ontologies
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