RDFox Features

The World’s Most Performant Knowledge Graph and Reasoning Engine

Performance is critical in any enterprise application, often the difference between a powerful solution and frustrating flop. Whether it’s the challenge that requires real-time analytics, the users’ who demand fast answers, or the expert who wants to spend more time solving problems and less time waiting for results, the need is clear—high performance is non-negotiable.

Spun out of decades of research at the University of Oxford, RDFox uses patented techniques to guarantee the fastest results of any graph database on the market today. This pedigree doesn’t just ensure that RDFox’s load and query times are faster than any other, but that they are orders of magnitude faster.

In some cases, switching to RDFox has reduced answer times from hours, or even days, to milliseconds. RDFox is in a league of its own.

Through this speed, our clients have created cutting-edge solutions that were never before possible.

Why use a high performance knowledge graph?

Solutions of all shapes and sizes, from the simplest to the most complex, across industry and sector, all rely on high performance to succeed. More often than not, the challenge boils down to one of the following: results are required quickly or in real-time; the volume of data is vast; or the desired analysis is highly complex. With traditional approaches these range from impossible to impractically slow but with the speed of RDFox, our clients are tackling them today.

While the speed to return answers is crucial, it’s not the only factor—the time taken to return to functionality after a restart will also make or break a practical solution. Whether the solution needs hibernating periodically—turning off and on again—or in maintenance it requires a restart, it’s vital to load data back into the system as soon as possible in order to diminish down-time.

Without these high speeds, applications feel sluggish and dated at best, and fall short of being a solution at worst—either keeping users from accessing the system for long periods of time or delivering results so slowly they’re forced to look elsewhere for answers.

RDFox was built from the ground up with speed at its core so that it can serve the most valued use cases. With maximum response times and minimal down-time, RDFox not only lowers operating costs and improves the user experience, but enables true innovation and the most powerful applications.

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How is RDFox so performant?

During decades of research at the University of Oxford, the three Professors invented the now patented technology that drives RDFox and has placed it in a league of its own. It’s unique in-memory architecture and optimisation techniques ensure that it is faster than any other solution on the market.

Semantic reasoning—otherwise known as rules-based AI—also plays a critical role in the blistering pace of RDFox solutions. By inferring new information at startup (and incrementally) based on a set of logical rules, RDFox enables simpler, much more efficient, questions to be asked of the system, reducing the complexity and strain at query time. This newly imbedded knowledge allows the operator to rephrase their question in simpler terms and frequently reduces query times by a factor of 1000 or more.

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