Configuration Management

What goes with what? Product compatibility in the blink of an eye.

Give customers the easy route to buying the combination of products that precisely meet their needs, in real-time.

Product configuration and compatibility management with a knowledge graph.
RDFox will overcome any challenge thrown at it.

The Pain Points

Manufacturers and retailers face similar challenges when helping their customers understand how different products may be compatible with one another—from manufacturers of engineered component assemblies to retailers looking to cross sell products.

Showing a customer what goes with what, can be complex and time consuming.

Product lines or stock-keeping units (SKUs) that with as few a a few thousand of items can have millions of possible combinations. Calculating compatibility based on multiple criteria presents significant challenges of speed and intricacy with today’s technologies, impacting customers with a poor experience.

Solve the toughest challenges with RDFox.

The Solution

RDFox is the only enterprise-ready and scalable semantic search engine on the market with in-built advanced reasoning capability.

RDFox’s knowledge graph is used to store every component or product along with every characteristic or specification. This allows concepts and relationships between all characteristics to be modelled in a multi-dimensional way.

RDFox’s advanced reasoning allows rules to be used that can automatically add concepts and relationships that are not explicitly stored, doing so incrementally to dynamically update only the relevant parts of the knowledge graph.

Unique features like negation allow a user or system to search for relationships that don’t exist in the knowledge graph; critical when needing to determine what characteristic are not compatible as well as those that are.

RDFox delivers high ROI in several forms.


Customers and internal users can now find compatible products or solutions instantly; whether purchasing or configuring complex component assemblies or looking for a range of products that match one another.

Barriers to purchase are removed, increasing sales and cross-sales opportunities by making it easy for the customer. Changes to component or products become simple to manage, as RDFox updates the possible combinations with minimum effort and cost.

RDFox offers knowledge graph and reasoning visualization tools alongside code editors, API's and shell access.

Why RDFox?

Enterprise features at the heart of RDFox applications.

High Performance

The in-memory design produces 10-1000x faster results than other graph databases and enables enterprise-level scaling.

Incremental Reasoning

RDFox’s reasoning makes updates as soon as data is added or removed without impacting performance or requiring a reload.


With patented optimization technology, RDFox is highly-scalable, able to handle the largest data sets with ease.

Data Import & APIs

We offer data import options from multiple sources and a RESTful API for flexible connectivity.

Expert Knowledge

We provide access to our expert knowledge engineers as standard, supporting your project along the way.


RDFox can be deployed on cloud instance to comfortably handle even the largest datasets.

RDF Knowledge Graph

We use the open RDF standard to make it easier to transfer your data between RDF triple stores.


RDFox is the only in-memory knowledge graph on the market, which also makes it the fastest.

Human-like reasoning

RDFox’s unique semantic reasoning draws human conclusions, enabling the efficient extraction of powerful insights.

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Now we can do the impossible.
Engineering Director
Dow Jones
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Screaming fast triple store enabling real-time use cases
Jacobus Geluk
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A request time of several minutes with other SPARQL engines is often solved in less than one second with RDFox !
Nicolas R.
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We went from a 3 day backload of our graph database to it taking 20 minutes.
Engineering Director
Dow Jones
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RDFox is incredibly fast!
Marcelo Barbieri
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RDFox is brilliant
Angus Addlesee
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Makes SPARQL and RDF/Linked Data a joy to work with.
Timothy Thompson
Yale University
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Fast database with great reasoning capabilities.
Marcus Nölke
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RDFox Applications

The use of rules-based AI and knowledge graph technology is rapidly becoming prevalent across multiple industry sectors, covering a vast range of applications. Our clients are leveraging the power of RDFox to solve today’s greatest challenges.

Semantic Search and Personal Recommendations with Knowledge Graphs and AI - dark.

One of the biggest frustrations for consumers and business experts alike is the inability to find the precise product or information that they are looking for, only to be recommended products or information that are unhelpful and irrelevant. RDFox delivers accurate results not seen in other AI or conventional technologies.

Regulatory compliance and rules with knowledge graphs and rules-based AI - dark.

Regulated industries, including financial services and healthcare, face increasing pressures to make decisions based on complex rules and regulations. Compliance is vital to protect consumers and institutes alike against financial fraud and cybercrime. RDFox delivers instant decisions and detection based on complex rules and patterns.

Product configuration and compatibility management with a knowledge graph - light image.

Many manufacturers and retailers face the headache of providing customers with compatible product configurations in real-time, whether it is matching furniture or millions of possible permutations of engineered components. RDFox delivers immediate and optimal solutions to turn complex into simple.

Drive autonomous vehicles with knowledge graphs and AI.

Whether piloting a car, truck, aircraft, or boat, a challenge facing all autonomous systems is the ability to make the correct and immediate decision every time. Speed of thought is critical in any autonomous vehicle application, and RDFox’s advanced reasoning and on-device capabilities provide the brain of a safe, explainable and accurate platform.

RDFox support data management and can import and export in many formats via the shell, UI or API - dark.

Over the last decade, the abundance of data has become a obstacle in and of itself. Today, the true challenge lies around consolidation and analysis—finding valuable knowledge in a sea of information. RDFox does exactly that, enabling rapid data integration and advanced analysis.