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Database to overcome flexibility and performance limitations

Overcome the flexibility and performance limitations of alternative databases, with an in-memory RDF-triplestore

RDFox was designed around high-speeds at the University of Oxford

Improve workplace efficiency with semantic technology, unmatched in power, speed and reasoning capabilities ​​

The Radcliffe Camera, a landmark of Oxford University, the birthplace of RDFox

Employ novel designs and concepts, developed at the University of Oxford, and validated in over a decade of peer reviewed research

RDFox the world's fastest and most powerful market-ready knowledge graph and semantic reasoning engine.

Optimise speed and parallel reasoning, whilst ensuring correct rule materialisations and query results

Data integration for enriching your business

Maximise the potential of your business by integrating, enriching, verifying and querying data from various data sources​​

RDFox is an in-memory scalable solution for all devices and servers

Operate at scale and on the fly, on both production grade servers and memory constrained devices

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Oxford Semantic Technologies is a spin out of the University of Oxford and is backed by leading investors including:

High performance knowledge graph and semantic reasoning engine.