SEMANTiCS24 The Ultimate Guide to Semantic Reasoning: How to enrich your data for practical applications including use with RAG & LLMs

Semantic reasoning is fast becoming a must-have for anyone running a knowledge graph application as a route to better data, faster queries, and ultimately greater insights. With ever-improving technology, these benefits are no longer for an exclusive few and are instead widely accessible, and yet, many in the industry still lack the knowledge and understanding to fully capture the power of reasoning.

Join this Ultimate Guide to Semantic Reasoning to learn the best practices of rule writing and how to use it to supercharge applications. Use the W3C standard, OWL, for ontological reasoning, and the widely used Datalog for more advanced functionality such as aggregation, negation, and filtering to build a working solution live in the workshop.

Discover how this enriched data, coupled with the advanced automation feature of incremental reasoning, is enabling real-world applications, including how to enhance RAG and LLM-based solutions. For beginners and experts alike, no prior knowledge is required.

Level: Beginner to intermediate

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Team and Resources

The team behind Oxford Semantic Technologies started working on RDFox in 2011 at the Computer Science Department of the University of Oxford with the conviction that flexible and high-performance reasoning was a possibility for data-intensive applications without jeopardising the correctness of the results. RDFox is the first market-ready knowledge graph designed from the ground up with reasoning in mind. Oxford Semantic Technologies is a spin-out of the University of Oxford and is backed by leading investors including Samsung Venture Investment Corporation (SVIC), Oxford Sciences Enterprises (OSE) and Oxford University Innovation (OUI).

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