SEMANTiCS 2023 - From Complexity to Clarity

Whether this process is in relation to assemblies, production, or data analysis, it often requires managing and determining millions of combinations to assess whether components fit together and meet certain requirements. Traditional approaches often struggle with the complexity and scale of real-world scenarios, resulting in lengthy calculation times and restricted insights. Knowledge graphs, on the other hand, perfectly fit these needs and overcome the challenges facing current solutions. In addition to performance, such a semantic solution provides data in the context of domain knowledge, using simple yet expressive axioms and rules instead of disparate hard-coded procedures.

In this presentation, we will showcase a graph solution developed by Derivo for one of the world's largest automation companies, which is currently leveraging this technology in their production processes as well as in an interactive customer-facing configuration solution. The demonstration will highlight the cutting-edge capabilities of RDFox, a knowledge graph and reasoning engine, and how it can be used to streamline compatibility assessment in industrial configuration management. With its in-memory architecture and incremental reasoning, RDFox ensures real-time adaptability and scalability, while also providing increased functionality and analytical power over the industry standards.

As the complexity of commercial configuration management expands, so too does the need for innovative solutions. Derivo’s partnership with RDFox does just that, propelling us into the future where historical limitations dissolve, giving way to knowledge-based analytics and enhanced decision-making

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Team and Resources

The team behind Oxford Semantic Technologies started working on RDFox in 2011 at the Computer Science Department of the University of Oxford with the conviction that flexible and high-performance reasoning was a possibility for data-intensive applications without jeopardising the correctness of the results. RDFox is the first market-ready knowledge graph designed from the ground up with reasoning in mind. Oxford Semantic Technologies is a spin-out of the University of Oxford and is backed by leading investors including Samsung Venture Investment Corporation (SVIC), Oxford Sciences Enterprises (OSE) and Oxford University Innovation (OUI).

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