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metaphacts GmbH is a Germany-based company empowering customers to build and manage their own knowledge graphs, and extract the most value out of their data, drive transparency and reach smarter business decisions. metaphacts provides the expertise to create thematically specialized knowledge graphs using RDFox in areas such as business, finance, engineering and manufacturing, lifesciences, cultural heritage, and more. Built entirely on open standards and technologies, the metaphactory platform follows FAIR data principles and supports knowledge graph management, rapid application development and end-user oriented interaction.
Derivo is an SME that supports leading European companies including Siemens, Schaeffler and Festo to successfully build and implement Knowledge Graphs and reasoning technology in complex technical domains. This includes modelling of graph schemata based on standards such as RDF and OWL as well as building and deploying high-performance reasoning and querying backends. RDFox is a brilliant candidate to serve as processing core for the latter as it supports a very expressive rule language. Derivo furthermore provides SemSpect a tool for graphical exploration of large Knowledge Graphs and took lead in the specification of OWLlink, a communication protocol forOWL, that became a W3C member submission in 2010.
Wallscope has partnered with UK-based Oxford Semantic Technologies to collaborate on market opportunities for the delivery of Wallscope’s services at Enterprise Scale. Working with an advanced knowledge store creates new possibilities in knowledge extraction, data sharing and analytics. is a software company and leader in machine teaching, partnered with Oxford Semantic Technologies. Our machine teaching platform TRAIN, creates a digital brain for the enterprise. Our software is currently being used to create enterprise digital twins, to enable intelligent enterprise processes and to enhance and automate enterprise data governance. has emerged as the leader for the enterprises and by implementing RDFox we can solve complex problems at scale with speed and accuracy. We choose RDFox as it is hands down the fastest DB on the market and it is recognized across the industry for offering the best reasoning capability.
DataLens simplifies and accelerates the ingestion of data into RDFox, and with RDFox’s industry leading performance and unique reasoning/rules capabilities, we can answer customer questions across their entire data landscape with the speed and intelligence being demanded by our customers today. By combining our technologies our customers can now build powerful, scalable Knowledge Graph applications in record time and with significantly reduced costs. Data Lens are very excited and proud to become a partner to Oxford Semantics.

Consulting Partners

Semantic Arts has been helping clients bring semantic technologies, knowledge graphs and Ontology modeling to their enterprise applications and architecture for twenty years. Our "data-centric architecture" approach uses proven information architecture concepts, tools, and capabilities that enable simplicity and flexibility for information asset retrieval, retention, and contextual linkage. By complementing existing data strategies and implementing RDFox, our professional services build the foundational scaffolding necessary for digital and business transformation.
DataLens' are experienced in building Knowledge Graph solutions with some of the world’s largest organisations. With Oxford Semantic’s game changing RDFox product, we can now bring the best solutions to our joint customers. Whether you are looking for an end to end Knowledge Graph build, domain specific ontology work or anything else Knowledge Graph related, DataLens can offer the level of expertise required to deliver successful projects on time.

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