Faceted Search

Navigate through your graph data using a graph-aware, non-restrictive,
successive refinement  approach

Using Faceted Search

RDFox supports the installation of extensions to built-in functionality, such as Faceted Search.

On loading, choose a datastore, and property IRIs for optional image and comment data relevant to the results (e.g. foaf:image and rdfs:comment).

To subsequently alter these values, click on the "Options" link.

Faceted Search Interface

Apply filters throughout the hierarchy of properties and objects.

Filter values are via check-boxes, slider or date range picker.

Range elements are only shown if there are three or more values.

Results, Images and Comments

If the result objects have accompanying images or comments, these are displayed in the results alongside the object IRI.

Faceted Search Queries

Range limits are derived from the values in the loaded data.

Once a selection is made, a SPARQL query is issued to RDFox and the results are displayed.

To view the query in the RDFox console, click on the “Query” link above the results.


To view results graphically, click on the "Explore" link
above the results, or to start a visualisation from a node in the results, click on the Explore icon to the right of a result IRI.


1. RDFox v4.0.0 or later installation is required.
2. Download the extension zip, and unzip it.
3. Place the resulting directory (called "fsearch") into a directory named "console-extensions" in an RDFox server directory.
4. The Faceted Search directory name should not be changed from "fsearch" to a different value.
5. Start the RDFox server, specifying the server directory (this is done with path/to/RDFox -server-directory <server-directory> sandbox)
6. Once the RDFox server is started, and the endpoint started, Faceted Search is available at the /console-extensions/fsearch/ path.
For more detailed instructions read the

Download V2.0.1 Zip

Older Versions

Note that RDFox v4.0.0 or later is required for fsearch v2.0.0, and RDFox v3.1.0 or later is required for fsearch v1.0.0.

Download V1.0.0 Zip

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