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What’s New in RDFox v7.1? Enhanced security with SSO (OpenID Connect) and import/export data encryption!

What’s New in RDFox v7.1? Enhanced security with SSO (OpenID Connect) and import/export data encryption!
Thomas Vout

The latest version of RDFox is out now and packed with yet another round of upgrades to supercharge your applications and make your life easier. Alongside performance enhancements and UX additions to accelerate the development cycle and production systems alike, at the heart of RDFox v7.1 are privacy and security upgrades that build on the significant improvements introduced in v7.0.  

Now supporting Single Sign-on (SSO) with OpenID Connect (OIDC) and import/export data encryption that includes import and export, securing your applications and maintaining data privacy has never been easier.

For the full features list, read the release notes here and download RDFox v7.1 to gain access to all the latest upgrades!

OpenID Connect Single Sign-on (SSO)

By far the most exciting and significant update to RDFox in this release is its new support for Single Sign-on (SSO) with OpenID Connect (OIDC). It is now easier than ever to authenticate users of an RDFox application, providing an enhanced layer of protection and security without the need to create RDFox roles for every individual user of the systems.

In addition to the existing secure account management in RDFox, SSO with OIDC allows RDFox applications to authenticate users with external identity and access management systems such as Microsoft Entra, making it both easier and more secure to deploy as part of an enterprise architecture.

Encrypted Data Import/Export

Further adding to the list of RDFox security and privacy features, v7.1 introduces the ability to import and export encrypted data via new Java APIs. In combination with RDFox’s persistence encryption, released in RDFox v7.0, this new feature allows data to be transferred in and out of RDFox using files without having to compromise on encryption at rest, achieving the highest level of security.

Data Store Info Indicators

Another key aspect of RDFox seeing improvements in v7.1 is the RDFox console. As functionality grows and grows, RDFox continues to introduce features that support easy and intuitive use, this time surfacing information about data stores with non-default semantics, or in other words, that are utilising advanced settings or changed data store properties that affect the answers.  

If any changes have been made that deviate from the default settings, they will now be accessible in the data store menu via a brand-new indicator icon.

Reasoning Performance Optimisation

RDFox v7.1 has further optimised reasoning to benefit situations where lots of data or rules are changed in one transaction. When clearing all rules, RDFox now shortcuts calculation by simply removing all inferred facts at once, and an improved process has been put in place for users who opt to re-materialise rules in place of incremental updates.

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