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What’s New in RDFox v7.0? More Capability, More Security, More Control

What’s New in RDFox v7.0? More Capability, More Security, More Control
Thomas Vout

With huge upgrades across the board, RDFox v7.0 hails our biggest collection of several production features to date. With a new concurrency model, writes no longer block reads, increasing throughput efficiency and speed while security is being tightened with the encryption of data at rest and a new authentication option for endpoint requests. In addition to these headline features, users now have the option to take data stores offline to optimise memory usage; the RDFox executable now supports installation as a background service; rule sets gain a simpler way to manage changes, now possible in a single step; and quality of life improvements in the console.

All this culminates in the fastest and most advanced version of RDFox ever released.

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Enhanced Concurrency: Writes no Longer Block Reads

The most significant upgrade to RDFox v7.0 comes in its concurrency model, wherein a writer will never block a reader. This greatly improves the throughput that can be achieved with RDFox and simplifies deployment architectures. Optimal read/write efficiency offers superior performance for applications that rely on changing or incoming data, providing the final user with a faster and much smoother experience.

Greater Solution Security

Not one but two new features of RDFox v7.0 enable enhanced security. Firstly, the addition of encryption at rest means that all persisted data can now be encrypted, adding another layer of protection from unauthorised disclosures. Secondly, the RDFox endpoint and remote shell now support authentication using client certificates (mutual TLS), providing a passwordless authentication option. With these new features, it has never been easier to keep your data safe.

Memory Optimisation with Offline Data Stores

Persisted data stores can now be brought off- and online as needed to free up memory, enabling optimised solutions. Not only does this allow users to make the most out of RDFox while keeping infrastructure costs at a minimum, it also lowers the requirements for on-device applications, such as autonomous piloting, where resources are sparse, creating even more opportunities for solutions.

Simpler Setup with RDFox as a Background Service

The RDFox executable has been enhanced with support for installation as a background service, meaning the creating of RDFox servers is now easier than ever before on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

More Efficient Management and Maintenance with Single-call Rule Replacement

Rules can now be replaced in one RESTful API call, greatly streamlining the process of updating Datalog programs in production, making the maintenance of live systems simpler and more efficient.

Quality of Life in the RDFox Console

The RDFox Console has had a host of upgrades, with modernised tweaks to its interface and improved functionality of the SPARQL editor, such as auto-complete and auto-indenting.

Upgrade to the Most Powerful Version of RDFox Ever

With greater speed, functionality, memory usage and usability, RDFox v7.0 is the most powerful version ever released. Enterprise users have never had so much potential unlocked all in one fell swoop as the benefits are clear: capability, security and control. RDFox v7.0 allows you to do more, faster, with less.

If you’d like to try RDFox v7.0 for yourself, download it now or request a free trial here.

See the documentation for the full v7.0 release notes and the migration guide for information on how to upgrade from an older version of RDFox.

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The team behind Oxford Semantic Technologies started working on RDFox in 2011 at the Computer Science Department of the University of Oxford with the conviction that flexible and high-performance reasoning was a possibility for data-intensive applications without jeopardising the correctness of the results. RDFox is the first market-ready knowledge graph designed from the ground up with reasoning in mind. Oxford Semantic Technologies is a spin-out of the University of Oxford and is backed by leading investors including Samsung Venture Investment Corporation (SVIC), Oxford Sciences Enterprises (OSE) and Oxford University Innovation (OUI).