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A Glimpse Into 2023 for OST & RDFox

A Glimpse Into 2023 for OST & RDFox
Divya Sekar

2023 was a year filled with achievements ranging from new RDFox releases to winning awards! In this blog post, we’ll be summarising the highlights of our eventful 2023.

Fast, faster, fastest — always RDFox.

The latest independent benchmark report measured the performance of 6 triple-stores using Wikidata.

Wikidata is one of the most popular RDF sources in the world with over 15 billion triples.

The report measured the import time, export time, and query speed of all the triple-stores, and it was found that:

  • RDFox only took 6 hours to import the entire Wikidata dataset.
  • RDFox had the fastest query speed of 0.016 seconds, about 5 to 750 times faster than other triple-stores.
  • RDFox was the only triple-store that could export the entire Wikidata dataset—in less than 6 hours, too!

Want to see RDFox in action? Request a free 30-day trial or a RDFox demo.

Access the benchmark report here.

Record breaking turnout!

9 workshops, 250 attendees.

Our Intro to SPARQL and Advanced Reasoning workshops range from teaching people how to write queries to learning about advanced Datalog, and we’ve had some amazing feedback!

"Incredible session! Thank you for the enriching clarifications."
"The workshop proved RDFox is easy to start with, despite being very powerful."

For more information about future workshops, check out our workshops page.

Another conference, another award?!

We marked our presence in notable conferences in 2023, from ESWC, ENDORSE, Knowledge Graph Conference (KGC) to SEMANTiCS.

We ran a few workshops and presented joint talks with our partner, derivo, and customer, Grundfos!

Notably, our CEO, Peter Crocker, and customer, Mikkel Brynildsen of Grundfos, were winners of the SEMANTiCS Industry Track for the best industry contribution in 2023.

Keep a lookout on our events page to attend our future talks.

Check out our talk at ENDORSE 2023, where our CEO talked about finding the right search.

Shiny new releases.

2023 saw the release of the latest version of RDFox, 6.3. RDFox’s high availability to unlimited named graphs features enables it to be the only explainable AI.

Find out more about RDFox 6.3 or try it out for yourself and download the latest version of RDFox here.

Our top articles.

2023 was also a year filled with more amazing content and we thought we would highlight our top three articles of the year! Check them out here:

Read our other top-performing articles about self-driving cars, digital twins, and more!

In 2023, we’ve seen a surge in new community members, and it's been a joy witnessing countless innovative applications come to life.

We’ve brought forth some incredible solutions tackling some of the most challenging problems, all with the dedication of our partners, customers, and community.

We’ve got some very exciting things coming up in 2024 and we can’t wait to share it. Stay tuned!

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