Patenting innovation in semantic reasoning technology

27th October 2020

Oxford Semantic Technologies  

Oxford Semantic Technologies Limited, the developers of RDFox, a high-performance knowledge graph and semantic reasoning engine, are excited to announce the successful grant of a United States patent for their advanced semantic reasoning technology.  

This patent will allow Oxford Semantic Technologies to lead the field, with correct, fast and robust semantic reasoning. RDFox can be applied in various industries and use cases, and its unique capabilities offer clients significant benefits over competitors, a result of the novel design and concepts, which were developed and validated in peer-reviewed research at the University of Oxford.  

Reasoning is a key feature for maximally exploiting the knowledge stored in knowledge graphs, but reasoning performance can be an issue. This patent protects the novel technical aspects of RDFox’s reasoning engine and data structures that enable RDFox to provide efficient high-performance parallel reasoning using the power of modern multi-core processor architectures.  

The lead external investors, Samsung Ventures, Oxford University Innovation and Oxford Sciences Innovation are pleased by the development. The US patent is assigned to Oxford University Innovation, and is licensed exclusively to Oxford Semantic Technologies.

“This patent exemplifies the attention to performance and detail that went into crafting RDFox. The algorithms and data structures described, laid the foundations for subsequent developments in our reasoning technology. The power of reasoning has been brought to our users.” Peter Crocker, CEO of Oxford Semantic Technologies  

For further information contact, visit the website, or read the full patent United States patent number 10,817,467